An update (and lookback) on POWER SURGE

The last time HIP spoke to Power Surge, it was 2009. Since then he’s moved back to Haiti and worked with big names like T-Vice, Mikaben and Flo Rida. After a successful stint as a producer at Baoli Records where he produced J Perry’s debut album and led him to perform like the Zumba anthem Boujé on international tours, he is making new moves. Here is what he’s been up to, in his own words.

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Gandhi Dorsonne nous explique « Kilè Li Ye »

Gandhi Dorsonne est un expert au rap kreyol et hip hop en Haïti. Maintenant il s’appret a mettre son nouveau creation sur le marché à la fin du mois de décembre, le cd compilation « Kilè Li Ye ».

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Trackmaster: Shedly Abraham

Eric Virgal, Tabou Combo, Carimi, Emeline Michel, Nu Look, Mizik Mizik, Harmonick… If any of those ring a bell you’ll want to know more about Shedly Abraham because in one way or another he put his stamp on their music.

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Trackmasters: KRIS GRAHAM

A true DJ, who does not solely rely on an Ipod or Cd-mixer, not only knows which songs to play for each specific audience, but also how to mix those songs to create new ass-kicking tracks that has club-goers searching online for downloads. The best DJs are those who create a name and following for themselves while introducing their followers to new tunes out of countries they’ve only wished of visiting. Kris Graham fits the bill.

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